Monday, August 3, 2015

The hardest decisions He made‏

So I would like you all to just think for a moment and meditate on these things.
As He walked to the garden of getsemani He knew what He was going to have to do. As He asked for support from His friends He knew they were going to forget Him.  As He knelt down to pray He meet each and every one of us. He felt our sadness, our weaknesses, He suffered for our pains, our challenges, he struggled to make tough decisions with us.  Maybe throughout all the time that he suffered he was able to feel just for a couple of seconds what each and every one of us have felt throughout our lifetime.
Today I express to you all that there are two things I am extremely grateful to have been able to have learned throughout my mission.  The first thing is I have grown to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I now apply it in my life, I am not ignorant to things that I was ignorant of before and this Gospel that belongs to Him will help me throughout my entire life. The second and most important thing is I now have come to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ even more. I have felt some of the hard things He felt for others. I have seen the tough decisions we sometimes have to make, I have physically, mentally and spirtually suffered and I have felt the pain of other people, which is a pain that can be even greater than the personal pain we sometimes feel. I have changed and am happy to see the change I have made in my life. As I walked around this week looking to find people, trying to get to know a sector and people that I had never meet in my life. I felt these pains as I saw the suffurings of some who had felt like they had been tried and could not overcome there own trials. I meet so many who suffered, and just seeing us two new sister missionaries gave them faith to keep moving forward. To work harder in the work of the Lord. The people have opened up so much to us and I am so grateful for that. They love us and I love them. I cannot be more grateful for anything, but that. I leave you with these words hoping that you all can see the great work that God has done for you as he has done for me.
Con mucho amor de Quito,
Hermana Dunkley

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