Monday, February 23, 2015

La importancia de todas las cosas

Thank you all for helping me to remember what it feels like to be old. I am truly going to be a whole lot older after tomorrow, but if we all just act like nothing happens I am sure it will all be fine. I mean they do say that when you complete years you are getting wiser, but I was hoping for prettier we will see what happens after tomorrow!!
haha I am just kidding. Today we were able to play dodge ball and eat some cake so I am happy enough with that and tomorrow we will be going to Quito so I think I will be able to see a movie on the bus for my birthday!! wahoo!!! hahaha...we will see what happens. but it will be great because we are going to have a sisters conference so I dont think I could have a better birthday!!
This week was another hard one, but with lots of faith we were able to help people, recieve their confidence and we have faith that this week we can see a whole lot more progress and receptiveness from the people of Guranda. I am truly grateful for the blessings I can feel from the Lord. Even though it has been a whole different experience for me serving out here and opening a sector, I am learning so much, and I feel like I am going to be able to help other people a whole lot more after these experiences I have been able to have out here. We are learning how to help everyone change and also how to be their friends and family. Now I just need to have faith to recieve the miracles that we truly need out here.
Every time we make a little step to be a little better or do the right things for others we can feel the pure love of Christ. As I was talking to a member the other day who has little time as a member I was brought to think of the importance we have as members of the church to strengthen our family, friends, and fellow members. Not only as members of the church, but really as people we have this responsability. We need to help others to learn more about the church and to learn more about how they should continue on or how we can help them with the problems and challenges that they are passing through. It is so important that we must do all we can each and everyday!!
I hope you all continue to feel the importance of this everyday.
I love you all and wish you all have a great day on tuesday!!!
Con mucho amor de Guranda,
Hermana Dunkley

Monday, February 16, 2015

Carnaval y milagros‏

Well happy valentines/ didnt really feel like valentines day so I forgot it even passed until like today haha...

Well first off I want to tell you all about how crazy it is to open up a sector right when the parties of Carnaval are going on.  So when you are getting to know a sector you want the help of the members and sometimes it is hard because yeah they have to work, but it is even harder when they are all out in parades and everything so yeah that didnt really work out all that well.  Then on top of that we try to go contactaing in some areas to find less actives and new investigators and that doesnt work because as you are walking by the little kids start throwing water ballons at you or throwing buckets full of water at you from the roof tops, or they get this like silly string stuff, but is foam that stains your clothes and just put it all over you. haha so I had some fun these last few days and it will continue until wednesday. Let me just say there is nothing like hearing LOCA GRINGA...and then getting wet. its fun...haha. so we got to stay inside sunday because it was so crazy with all of the drunk people.

Now I feel so excited and enthusiastic for this area, there is nothing like having your faith challenged so much to make something come out of nothing. We are truly looking for answers to prayers and fasts like nothing else right now and we can see the little miracles everyday.  I have never felt the need for so much faith in my life like I feel right now.  So we did a fast as a mission this last Saturday and Sunday and it was amazing my companion and I were just meditating on those things after and we felt like this change will be a lot different from the others. We are going to do all that we can to recieve the miracles. That is something I am truly excited and looking forward to. I mean it is hard when you want to work and you cant because of these parties, but yeah we keep going with enthuisasm.

I wish you all the best of weeks and celebrate a little bit of carnaval with your family this week just get them wet and you will be happy thats why all of the Ecuadorians are happy right now.
I love you all
Con mucho amor de Guaranda,
Hermana Dunkley

Monday, February 9, 2015


Well i am just sitting in riobamba right now and i have like officialy two minutes to say something to you all because our bus is going to leave and i have a lot of luggage so i have to be really quick.
What I wanted to tell you all is that I will be leaving for Guaranda and its the week of carnaval and so it is going to be crazy because the best carnaval in all of Ecuador is in Guaranda so I will be soaking wet. hah
Now as usual my new companion is Hermana Romero...and lets all guess where is she from?...............PERU!!! 
wow everyone great job haha
I love you all so much I have a testimony that this is the true church and even though it is hard for me to leave a sector that I loved so much I am excited to start up again and open up a sector where sisters have never been before.
I hope you all are doing well love you!!
Con mucho amor de Riobamba,

Monday, February 2, 2015

The opportunity to serve is like no other‏

First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. Feliz Cumple.

Well this week has been one with a lot of lessons that I have had to learn. I honestly feel like when we have lessons to learn it is better to have learned them so you don´t have to learn them again, but I wouldn´t ever take anything back from the things I was able to do for others in this last week, and the things I was able to learn myself as well. I was honestly really grateful for the lessons I was able to learn and now I will be able to have an even better week, because I have become a little bit smarter. haha

Now something that I want to share with all of you is something that I have been able to learn about myself through these lessons I have learned. That whenever I have trials or hardships I am postive. Even though I have hard weeks, I am happy today to be here, and that I still have my two arms and legs to help serve other people who need my help. That is what I was able to see in this last week.  We were able to help a young woman with 3 children under 5 recieve the food that she desperately needed and we were able to do something for her that I hadn´t done for others before in my life.  I was able to feel the Spirit so strongly helping her and it made me all the much more happy to know that God is always thinking of others. We were able to find other people who have been less active for 10 years and all this woman wanted was for the missionaries to find her because she felt unworthy to go to church, and we happened to find her in a moment that she needed the most and now I am just so glad to be able to feel in the moment when we need to visit someone in need. All I hope is that we can continue to do that and get better.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve. I love my Father in Heaven, and I love serving others. These things I can feel in my heart so strongly
Love you all
Con mucho amor de BaƱos,
Hermana Dunkley