Monday, August 24, 2015

Listen the first time‏

I had this amazing experience. While on divisions, I just got stuck and was like what do I do next. Like usual sometimes all of our lessons fall and then you just say to yourself....what next? So as I started to walk in what direction I don't know where I saw a family walking on the street and I like felt in my heart this voice that was my own that said "contact them". So I did it. I went up to them and they were really positive like, "ya come on over anytime were home all the time" they gave me their direction and then we went to see them on Sunday. As I found there house I was like wow, I had passed that house a couple of times and everytime I felt you should contact this house. The problem was that I told myself, well it is a work place and if I contact them they will surely tell me they can't talk because they are working, but how wrong I was to not listen to the voice the first time. I should have listened, but thankfully God put them in my way another time and we could find them. As we walked into the house I showed them a picture of the temple and we talked about how we wanted to help them to be able to go there one day. The first time I have ever done that and they really were interested. I felt a special spirit about the whole lesson, talking about how they could have an eternal family made me anxious to see them baptized and sealed as a family in white one day. Sunday night was only the beggining, but I have faith that this family will become an eternal family one day. I just see them and think, wow I finally had the experience that I so desired. One of my goals before I end my mission is to see a family be baptized and I have faith that I will be able to see them and one other family be baptized between now and October.
I love you all and hope you know that even though we might forget or choose not to listen to the voice of the Spirit the first time, God will always repeat his answer to us, or he will put others in our path so that we don't forget them. I am so grateful that God gave me so many chances to find this family and I know that the same will happen to all of you if you choose to listen to the voice of the spirit not tomorrow, but now.
I am so grateful for my chance to serve, even though it is coming down to only a little more time, I feel that it will all be okay.
Con mucho amor de Ambato,
Hermana Dunkley

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