Monday, August 10, 2015

Haz lo Justo

Well I would like to write you all starting with a story my amazing mission president told me.  One time he was traveling with President Eyring to BYU-IDAHO to see participate in some classes. They had gotten to campus early and instead of going to the devotional and having to make a presence and then speak to the audience, they decided to walk in randomly to some high school seminary classes. While entering President Eyring walked into a few rooms and would ask them what they were studying and would participate in the lesson sharing the witness from an apostle that Christ lives. They walked into one classroom and he asked what they were studying and the teacher told him that they were studying the Miracles of Christ. So then he asked the class what was the greatest miracle that Christ did? And I mean just like any class of students that is scared to answer an apostle, everyone was silent for a little bit, and then one girl in the back answered the atonement. Then President Eyring continued to give a personal witness of Christ and his atonement. My president continued to tell me..."The most important miracle of Christs ministry happened at the end of his ministry. If he would have ended his mission at 2 and a half years we would have never been able to witness such an amazing miracle. We would have never been saved from our sins. So just like Him the greatest miracles we can see as a missionary will happen to us as we finish."
I have thought about that a lot in this last week. As we worked really hard we saw a miracle. This sheet of paper with a name on it drew our attention so we called Gonzalo and he told us to come on over. We visited him and we felt the spirit and it was a great lesson, but then the next lesson as we went to see how they were doing Gonzalo told us that he knew he needed to be baptized because he had read in the book of mormon about how we shouldnt baptize little children. It was amazing because God literally gave him his reading assignment when he just randomly opened the book of mormon. Gonzalo and his wife will be baptized muy pronto!!! I am so excited and grateful for that miracle.
Even though we will have temptations and worries sometimes, we can always trust that if we choose the right God will help us. Just like when Adam was tempted, it was like he had the forbidden fruit in his hand and he said no. We can do the same. Even though sometimes the temptation is so strong and it is in our hands just waiting for us to take it, if we choose the right God will help us!
I am so grateful for you help and blessings, keep up the happiness....I always tell my comp hermana lopez where is your smile? and then we start laughing. The best way to choose the right is the happy way.
Con mucho amor de Ambato,
Hermana Dunkley

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