Monday, July 28, 2014

"yo se que vive mi senor"

Well wahoo!!!! All I gotta say, is that these last two days have been amazing! There is no other feeling like watching someone you taught the gospel to and invited to be baptized actually be baptized. wow. I don't know my first baptism went really well.  We were a little late to start out with, but I made cookies the Elders in our ward and my companion and i sang,"yo se que vive mi senor"...I know that my redemmer lives...and it was just wow.  When she was baptized and then shared her testimony after I knew that I was able to meet her so early in my mission to prepare me for the other people I am going to have to work harder for.  Anabel was so prepared by our Savior to recieve this gospel and I know now that I just need to continue to work hard for my Father in Heaven and see what I can do to continue to help more people like Anabel.
Then the next day she recieved the Holy Ghost and that was so great. She was so happy and she was just beaming. It was awesome because she even got a skirt from her aunt just to come to the church and receive the Holy Ghost.
Anyways I just wanted to share a couple more things.  I have really started to feel so good in this country.  I have so many members here who have become like my family and I have been able to meet so many new people and really start to understand our church and gospel.  I think this has been a big blessing for me.  I thought I knew so much about our church, the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, but through my studying of these books and through assisting the church and seeing it through the eyes of an investigator I have learned so much.  All I can really say is I understand so much more that this work is not just for those of us who have plaques with our names on it and the name of the church.  It is actually so much more for the members of the church who live in the area.  The missionaries truly need your help and need you to help them fulfill their purpose.  Which is invitar personas a venir a Cristo. Invite people to come unto Christ.  If you can do all that you can to serve others and make this your purpose I know that your life will be filled with much more.  The love of Christ will become manifested in your hearts and there is no other feeling that is more glorious and satisfying then this feeling.
All I have been doing, All that I am doing, All that there is to to live for Christ and to give all that you have for him and his church.  One thing that is very common here is that practically everyone believes in God. And they always say. There is one God and everyone that lives believes in Him in someway. I think this is one thing that has become manifest for me all the more.
It is a blessing to be here with this little area of the world to serve God's Children.  I wish you all the best and continue to keep you in my prayers!
Love from Quito,
chou mi amoroso familia
Hermana Dunkley

No Sé...lo siento‏

ok so this week we didnt have a baptism again, but we officialy have a date set for Anabel this saturday so please keep her in your prayers!!! and this weekend we are planning on having a noche blanca!!! which is when a lot of people are being baptized and they are all wearing white so it is a noche blanca...haha. i didnt understand that for like three weeks hahaha.
i go tracking almost everyday and we knock on doors or talk to people in their stores there are lots of little stores around here.  i actually like doing this a lot. people are so different here in Ecuador because so many people actually want to talk to you and learn from you and stuff so it is great because we always have people to talk to. 
We basically walk everywhere. there are buses for 25 cents and we use them probably two or three times a week, but we are changing chapels this week for one that is probably a half hour away by bus so we will have to use those on sundays too. there are also taxis everywhere but we only use those like once every once in a while.  
ok so this last week was....i dont know normal. haha it is just that i am so used to the day to day things that i forgot what it was like not to have everyday, every hour mapped out to exactly what you are going to do.  oh yeah i remeber someting interesting this last week we ate la parte de la vaca se llama pauta.  that means the foot of the cow.  like you could tell. it was weird. i ate the toe part.  the funny thing is that i thought it was like the mouth of the cow. and i am grateful for this because i think i would have been more hesitant if it knew it was the foot while i ate it.  everyone here thinks it is so rico...really tasty or good....but i honestly didnt really taste anything because it was in a soup so. yeah that experience went really well...haha. it was chewy. really chewy.  you guys should try it.  
what else....
We have some new investigators this last week and the lessons with them were really awesome.  I honestly love teaching and learning and just like making friends i guess.  the people here love laughing with me....actually i think ate me...but it is all good. i have a lot of friends because of it. haha...but back to seriousness. i ahve been blessed so much. Yo siempre senti el amor de Dios.  Tambien en que manera yo necesito mejorar, porque a veces este mision es ful dificil, pero la realidad es que esta vida es dificil y podemos cambiar cuando sabemos que este es la solo camino y necesitamos cambiar para EL. 
Les Amo!!!!
Recordar que Dios nos ama y quiere que pudimos cambiar para El.
you should  probably just use google translate cuz i dont got time to change it to english hahahah
love from Quito
Hermana DUnkley

Monday, July 14, 2014

Patience, and Trust‏

Ok first off sad news of the week.  Anabel wasn't able to be baptized.  Her grandfather went into the hospital and her mom needs her to be with him like all the time because her mom works and so we havent seen her all weekend and we are a little worried about her. All my companion and I want for her is this opportunity to be closer to God and she wants it too, so it is sad that she wasn't able to have it this last week, but I have faith that she can make this covenant with God this week.  
Anyways I have learned so many lessons from this experience. First of patience. Second of Trust in God. I think one of the things I have accidently done is that I get carried away in helping people and doing things for them based off of my own opinion that I forget that the most important thing to do is to first seek that of the Lords opinion. Because if he knows everything, why am I not asking him more? haha. yes I need to start doing that a lot more and praying a lot more specifically like we teach so many people to do. tambien I just need to trust in the will of God.  This has been interesting. It is hard when you feel like a horrible missionary or some things happen because you dont have enough faith, but really truth is that you need to have trust in the Lord and his plan for you.  Wow has that been an eye opener.
Well in other news! end of the first cambio...Change...and wow has it been an amazing learning experience. I am so excited for more time with my companion and I know that we can really do wonders in this little sector mariscal of the world. haha.  Anyways I really am grateful for this work and all that I have been able to do while serving the Lord!! At times it is hard, but there is no other language I would rather hear...there is no other people I would rather be with...and there is no other person I would rather serve than the Lord.
I love this scripture that I read today Psalms 100:2
Serve the Lord with gladness : come before his presence with singing .
So always serve the Lord with gladness in whatever way in whatever form and to whom ever that you can.  He will bless you and you will surely be able to kneel at his feet in the day of judgment and be happy for all that you have done in this life.
love to you all
cuidanse ( is like take comfort )
amor de quito
Hermana Dunkley

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Glory of His Gospel‏

Well only have a little bit of time this week because we went to a volcano!! o volcan...It was really cool we were in the clouds and had a fun experience getting up there and I think I finally liked the fish so bueno...haha.  It was really a great day with our zone and super awesome to witness a volcano that Christ created under the direction of God.
Anyways this week we have our first baptism on Friday for Anabel!  She had her interview this Sunday and we are really excited that she has made this commitment to a promise with God.  It is the most amazing experience to see someone else find the truth.  There is no way I could explain it only that when you witness someone who has been prepared by God to recieve this gospel and then as they continue to progress and accept all of our commandments and lessons and el libro de mormon to be true.  There is no other emotion I have ever felt like it.  Basically I am so excited to see Anabel experience this love for the gospel.  There is nothing else that can strengthen your own testimony of the truth! I have learned so much from her and from some of our other investigators. I have learned when to talk and when not to talk. I have learned when to listen and when I am actually following the Spirit and not. I think this has been my most vital lesson this week. I think sometimes teaching becomes rehearsed because we teach the same lessons to multiple people. The important part is discerning what the Spirit wants you to specifically say about certain topics and also what you should ask your investigators.  Because what truly matters is that they desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ...not because my companion and I are really persuasive or because we need a baptism...but because Christ has asked that of us and if we want to fulfill our purpose here in the Earth to return to live with God we must do the things he has commanded us to do.  This is the glory of His gospel.  Anyways I am so grateful for all of the words of advice I am able to recieve from you all. and all the opportunities I have to learn more from you all.  
Love from Quito,
Hermana Dunkley