Monday, June 29, 2015

Para: todos....i hate making titles‏

Well I am good. Here is something interesting from my week. Yesterday we ate super awesome lamb tacos from this family that is mexican and peruvian. Can I just say if any of you have that opportunity, lamb is amazing. Before that we walked a lot and had some reallyfunny contacts with people who said that they were going crazy, then we had some funny stuff happened with the elders. They are determined to hear me say a bad word, because the other time we played sports one might of fallen out, so now everyone is like going on bets of who can get it out of me. Sorry if I crushed your dreams I am not perfect, and sometimes I accidently say bad words. I am working on it. Oh and today I got sunburned, but I am getting tan, so when I get home I don´t glow in the dark.
Now I just want to share with all of you an awesome thing from my journal this week. I have truly seen the blessings in my life. Before my mission, I only ever thought of myself and now I focus in others. Before my mission I only ever read the book of mormon or prayed to do it as kind of a homework assignement. Now I have the desire to do it and the need to do it. The book of mormon has changed my life. I am truly grateful because only the mission has been able to do that to me. thanks to these things i can now see all tha it has done to change my life. I hope you all look for those ways as well, and just start thinking more of what is important to us now and not just in our times that we need God the most. 
So here are some pretty awesome pictures of the book that has changed my life and it was just another fun thing we did last week.
Con mucho amor de Ecuador,
Hermana Dunkley

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