Monday, June 22, 2015

Our lives with Christs‏

Well it was just a great week. I love being able to contemplate life and also just have fun working hard in the work of the Lord. welcome to the family Beau Charles!!! Happy fathers day Parker, Dad, and Grandpa!!

This week was great and we did a special fast to feel the work of the atonement in our lives and I started thinking a lot of the feelings of Christ. As I was comparing my experiences to His, I started to see that as he served his own mission and the end neared he didn`t want to finish either. I imagine him thinking about how he had fallen in love with the people he served, how he had gotten to know another world that was so beautiful to him, and how he must have felt to have known that he had to finish his mission so quickly. I was imagining what it must have felt for him to see that his own investigators and beloved brothers and sisters rejected his message, and then crucified Him after he sacrifcied so much for them in his entire mission. With his mission as a servant of God he knew the end was coming as so many of us do, but he knew the end was coming to his mission and his life. Then I realized even though this must have been so hard for him, he was also able to feel so much happiness. He loved what he did, he sacrificed everything so willingly for us, and even though his life came to an end, he continued his mission as a ressurected Christ. 

I think of that a lot. Even though we sometimes have our times that will come to an end as representatives of Christ, like that of Elder Munson, we must always continue on even after our missions are over. This time does not end so easily for us, but as Christ we will be able to continue working even after it all.  When we all just take a moment to remember his when we are down, lonely, struggling or whatever. We will see that we go through these things just to understand him better. I am so grateful for the hard part because through the hard part I understand Christ`s atonement better. I am so grateful for this chance I have to be a missionary and continue on forward. I hope I can continue to enjoy these next 4 months and work harder than I ever had before.
May you all have a great day, and Happy fathers day to everyone yesterday.
I love you all.
Con Mucho amor de Armenia,
Hermana Dunkley

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