Monday, September 7, 2015


Yay. I am staying in Ambato. I am so happy and excited for this change I can´t wait to keep on going, learning, and growing more. I will be staying these last couple of weeks with Hermana López. My poor companion is going to have to kill another one of her companions, but yeah I am happy. So little things I learned this last week. I love doing divisions with the Hermanas they are so great and it is a learning experience for me when I can be with a newer missionary again helping them out and everything. I really do like it because they always have so many questions for me and I can usually try to help them out a little. We have some really great investigators in our sector too, and some great families that want us to work with them I can't wait to see them be baptized and become families more firm and strong in the church. what else? 

As I have been contemplating these last couple of weeks, I have started to think, What have I done to show Christ that I am willing to serve him and to keep on going? So as I have thought about this, I have seen really how much Satan wants to tempt us at the end of it all. I feel like I have been omnipotent like no one can tempt me or bring me down as a missionary, but then what happened, is that it has become so much harder to fight off the natural man these last few months. Now I need to keep going and work hard, I feel like as we all see the challenges that God puts in our way we have to try so much harder to show to God what we can do better. I know that if we work our hardest to show the Lord what we can do we won't need to worry about our future. I am not worried about anything, I just worry that I can finish saying I have done all that I can, so that means I need to be obedient, and keep being a good examples to others, that means I will work my butt off every day to see blessings and to help others to find there way forward.

As we were going to buy groceries today I ran into these two older women that the one is a less active and her very catholic mother from my old sector in Guaranda. I felt so sad as the very old woman cried to me saying "Come back with us to Guaranda, I need you there, You need to marry my grandson" In those moments I thought of the blessing I have truly seen to be able to love so many people out here and feel the love from them. I know that even though I can't go to Guaranda or marry her grandson, because I really just don't want too haha, that I will see her again one day, and only thanks to the mission I have been able to serve.

I love you all and hope that my mom sends that picture of  me with them because she is just such a sweet old lady! 
Con mucho amor de Ambato,
Hermana Dunkley

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