Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mi Testimonio

Well how to begin.
I love my Father in Heaven.
I love my Savior Jesus Christ. 
I love this gospel.
I know this church is true with all of my heart. 
I know this because I have prayed and asked my father in heaven if these things are true and he has responded.
I felt this response in my heart and it was just like peace and tranquility. It was strength and security. It was unwavering and sure.
This is my testimony and it has never changed. Only grown. I think I have shared something like this everyday. Lots of times it is different, but sometimes it is the same. Sometimes I can feel the spirit so strong in my heart when I share it. Sometimes it is just like a little fire that burns deep within but that continues on steadily.
I am not really sure why I wrote these things, but it was just kind of in my mind and in my heart and I needed to let it out another time. So that all could know these things.
This first week in Argelia was amazing. It was fun. It was tiring. It was extremly hard. And at times I just wanted to sit at home and sleep. But you wake up every morning with a new purpose in mind. You wake up every morning blessed to have your life and this opportunity to live.
I think it was hard because there are a lot more people here who are catholic and they don't let you in. We have tried so hard to invite new people, but some just don't want anything. So you move forward. Yesterday in church I was blessed to meet the members and I already have my lovely friends who like to mess with my gringita-ness...haha but I truly like it and it is fun to talk to people and have a new ward family again. My companion is Hermana Rojas and she is from Peru. She doesn't speak any english, but honestly it is better that way. English is hard...Spani

sh too...entonces haha..that's how life is. The best compliment yet is that my bishop this sunday he is from the coast so he has an awesome accent...they don't pronounce there s like spain but it is cooler in the coast...and he asked me how much time I had in the mission after talking for a little bit and I said 4 months and he was thank you so much your spanish is amazing and I just flipped my hair and said thank you! haha. With more class, but it was pretty good. Anyways I am happy as normal I have some funny photos this week because my sector is like a straight up mountain and we have like stairs everywhere we also have a mobile!!! gas station!!! I was like wow society...usa...haha. But these things were pretty great and I am so graterful for all of the words from you this week. Keep working hard like I will be doing. Remeber that God loves you as always and wants you to remember these things too. love you all bunches!
Amor de Quito,
Hermana Dunkley
I dont have a lot of good ones but next week will be better dont worry. and next week I will have one with my companion!
First the stairs of one part...this isn't even the top of our sector..haha...

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