Monday, September 15, 2014

Buenas Noticias

It is so nice to hear good news. We all know that bad news are apart of life so we endure when we have them, but when we have good news it is like, whoosh yeah here we go. haha. So good news we had 5 investigators in church this week. Bad news. I have to speak in church next week. Good news. I got into BYU!! Bad news the rainy season has officaly started and it pours for like hours...Good news I can roll my R's...(ever since my third week i just forgot to tell everyone)...Bad news...most people don't roll their R's when they say Carro (car...for all of you gringos...i am included in that one i guess so for everyone who doesnt speak spanish)..but thats not that bad just that its a little bit embarrassing when you roll your rs all the time and people are like who are you crazy? haha. 
Anyways this last week was so interesting with a lot of good and bad news. The good thing is that we take in the good and only use the bad to better us for the next time. I really learned a lot from the email from my friend Sister Clonts this last week. We should always try to use those good things we do to bring our spirits up.  Through these things we can grow and become better people. Some things that really helped me were when the Elders from our ward accompanied us to a lesson with a family who has had trouble to have a goal to be married. We have been working so hard to get them to this goal, but it was like a dead end every time. Then Elder Harmer, and Rivaza came with us and they just like blew the house down with the Spirit. It was such an amazing experience for us. It was great because the same day we had interviews with President Christensen too and we got homeade cookies so I was really happy for that too haha. But it was just awesome because I was able to feel the Spirit so strong and really helped me out a lot to have more motiviation to trust in God and have faith. So this last Sunday as we climbed mountain after mountain I just prayed in my heart. time and time again. It was amazing because we walked up to the door of the family Paredes and boom they were all ready to go to church. I was amazed and so happy. It was an answer to my prayers and I know that you all can have your answers too!. I love you all thank you for the words of wisdom.
Hasta Ver! 
Les Quiero muchisimo,
Hermana Dunkley
PS. fotos, this is macaroni and chesse the ecuador style and im with one of the mamitas daughters. and the other is me with my shirt!

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