Monday, August 25, 2014

Hay nuevas cosas cada día ( pero no sé como eso aplique al correo...bueno )‏

Well today is another new week, new companion, new baby pool....sorry qoute from shes the man, yeah but we are in a new sector everyone! So exciting and extremly sad at the same time. This transfer both my companion and I left the area, because it was a little dangerous for various reasons, but we will not go into detail for the sec of my families sanity. haha. And so it was hard because we had been working hard in the area and boom we are all leaving so yeah. Now I am with Hermana Rojas and we are in Argenia. It is pronounced like (Arhania) kind of I dont really remember how white people speak...haha. I can only remember the latino english accent which is way funnier!
Anyways Alfonso was baptized!! whoop whoop.And there are some pretty funny pictures I am sure my mom will show you all. Iam to lazy to put them in the email because it always takes forever!.  So this week I am a little loopy because I got la gripe. a cold. and it sucks but that means I get offered the funniest conocotions to cure my cold. Yesterday I was given 6 lemons,cinnimon sticks and this spice called panela. So my companion andI cooked it like she said and then we go to drink and boom it tastes just like throw up. So after two sips I decided I better let it go and stick with my drugs and apple honey tea. so much better!! haha!!
Ok back to the spirtual stuff. So Alfonso was baptized and how amazing was his baptism. We had some problems at first because there wasnt any gas to heat up the water but after some break backing work thanks to my companion and I, we had gas. And everything was worth it for the reaction of Alfonso when he was baptized. He started to cry as soon as he came out of the water and then he just told everyone that he was so thankful to finally have his true baptism. When we told him yesterday that we were going be leaving and he would be with new elders he broke my heart. He just said you guys were the first people who planted the seed in my soul and because of you I can return to live with my God. I was just amazed and crying and everything. I am so grateful for him and all that I was able to learn from him! Anyways all I want to say today for this week is that if we can remember our covenants that we made with God when we were baptized and try to remember the promises that are given to us in the sacrement prayers, your lives will change. You will see so much more brightness and just cherish all those moments you have all the more.  As usual I am so grateful for all the words that you have given me each week because they always enter my soul and help me to continue to look forward to the work that I am here to do. Continue to look forward and live worthy of the Holy Ghost each day. I love you all and look forward to next week!
ps you really need to check out these pictures they are gold! haha
Amor de Quito,

Hermana Dunkley

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