Monday, August 18, 2014

12 weeks

Well hello to everyone in another new week. Today is the last week of the transfer so we have transfer calls this next Sunday.  we don't know if Hermana Flores will leave or me but she only has two transfers left so we think she might be leaving so we are a little sad...a lot of sad....but that is the life of the mission.  
This week we have the baptism for Alfonso!!! My third grandpa. He is so funny. He always invites have to have wawita...water (in Quitwa the original language of Ecuador) and crackers. We sit and listen to his stories about everything and we try to get a lesson in too. haha. He is so excited for his baptism! Oh the other amazing thing is we gave him a book of mormon two weeks ago and right now he is in the middle of Alma! He loves this book. It is so amazing because he just reads it all the time. haha. Anyways we have something great to look forward to right before the transfer ends. 
Today I have just been thinking a lot as I recieved emails from a lot of you and got to hear a lot from my friends who are serving in other parts of the World.  I was shocked to see that my brother shaved and it is just so hard to believe haha. Anyways I was thinking of how we make changes a lot in our lives.  Sometimes we feel that everyday is the same, but really we change so much from year to year, in features....haha like Parker.....and just in personality and other changes that we have to make just to live or to continue moving forward.  One of my investigators needs to make a lot of changes in his life to be baptized.  He struggles with these addictions, but he always tries to change his outlook.  I know that sometimes these changes can be extremly impossible, but when we have goals and do these things to make the changes we need to for this gospel, this church, and in reality God, we make changes that we need to make to better ourselves.  We can always do this with a little bit of faith and a whole great lot of action...haha...but a little bit of action at first if we need too...
I have learned so much from those of you who have shared your lives with me and shared your experiences thank you for this.
also congrats Drew Forester for graduating!! and congrats Foresters for the two new grand children!! Happy Birthday to Grandpa Don and to Hayden!! Keep moving forward and always remeber those covenants you have made with God
Love you all so much.
Amor De Quito,
Hermana Dunkley

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