Monday, August 4, 2014

Fast and Prayer

Well what an amazing week de verdad. whoops. just like truly. My companion says this a lot so I have caught on to it haha. Sorry for my english I have become worse? I dont know how you say it haha. It is like trying to put a puzzle back together that you have already done before, but you can't put it together because it is impossible to remember.  I dont know if that simile worked, but that is my life haha.
Anyways this last week we had another baptism for a girl that is 11 years old (Danely).  She is so great and we have had so much fun teaching her and helping her.  Her situation has been really hard, but through prayer and through the help of members we were able to have her baptism this last Saturday.  She has such a strong testimony and when she prays and when she shares it with her family you can feel the Spirit so strong.  Honestly God loves his children and if we can all be like children and come unto Christ we can learn so much.  I have learned so much from her!!
Also I had a really special experience this last week. We have an investigator who is called ( whoops se recuerdo como decir en ingles) Alfonso.  He is a really good person and for 75 years he has accepted this different knowledge with open arms. He loves the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church but has a problem.  artritis..arthritis?  Yea so his bones hurt like all the time and he can't walk very much. So this last Saturday we told him that we were gonna have a member with a car come and pick him up to take him to church he said oh yeah I like that idea but then we told him it is like 15 minutes in the car and he said no.  Because it hurts him a lot to sit in a car for to much time because his legs go stiff. So we taught him that sometimes we have to experience a little bit of the atonement and experience pain to do things that God want us to do like go to church.  And then we prayed and my companion thought it would be a good idea to give him a video about John Tanner.  It is the conversion of him in the time of Joseph Smith and it is such a great story about how he was healed from his infimities and all this.  So we told him we were going to fast for him and do all that we could to bring him to church the next day. Then Sunday we decided that we weren't going to plan anything if he said no. So we had no doubts that he would go to church, because we wanted to excercise our faith in God more.  Then we went to his house with the member and he told us that he had watched the video 3 times because he loved it so much.  As he started to cry I just saw a person who had truly been converted and who wanted the same blessings as John Tanner.  He accepted to go to church and stayed all three hours with us.  It was truly amazing.  He was able to learn so much and really have more friends in the church.  He is such a sweet old man and I always get a little feeling like he is my long lost latino grandpa. hahah mi abuelito!! 
Anyways what is so great about this experience and why I wanted to share it with you all is that there is a special power in our fasts and prayers.  Sometimes we do not see results immediately like we did with Alfonso, but the point is that there is a power in obeying Gods commandments and trying our hardest to do all that we can to dedicate what we have to him.  When we fast we must try our hardest to fast for those two meals. And if you can 24 hours.  Here we eat lunch Saturday, because it is our biggest meal, and then we fast for dinner and breakfast the next day and have lunch and dinner on Sunday.  If you can try to do something like this in your fasts I know that you can recieve so many blessings.  Fast and pray with faith! Look for the meaning in these moments and seek after the blessings of God!
I truly love you all with all of my heart
love from Quito,
Hermana Dunkley

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