Monday, July 28, 2014

"yo se que vive mi senor"

Well wahoo!!!! All I gotta say, is that these last two days have been amazing! There is no other feeling like watching someone you taught the gospel to and invited to be baptized actually be baptized. wow. I don't know my first baptism went really well.  We were a little late to start out with, but I made cookies the Elders in our ward and my companion and i sang,"yo se que vive mi senor"...I know that my redemmer lives...and it was just wow.  When she was baptized and then shared her testimony after I knew that I was able to meet her so early in my mission to prepare me for the other people I am going to have to work harder for.  Anabel was so prepared by our Savior to recieve this gospel and I know now that I just need to continue to work hard for my Father in Heaven and see what I can do to continue to help more people like Anabel.
Then the next day she recieved the Holy Ghost and that was so great. She was so happy and she was just beaming. It was awesome because she even got a skirt from her aunt just to come to the church and receive the Holy Ghost.
Anyways I just wanted to share a couple more things.  I have really started to feel so good in this country.  I have so many members here who have become like my family and I have been able to meet so many new people and really start to understand our church and gospel.  I think this has been a big blessing for me.  I thought I knew so much about our church, the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, but through my studying of these books and through assisting the church and seeing it through the eyes of an investigator I have learned so much.  All I can really say is I understand so much more that this work is not just for those of us who have plaques with our names on it and the name of the church.  It is actually so much more for the members of the church who live in the area.  The missionaries truly need your help and need you to help them fulfill their purpose.  Which is invitar personas a venir a Cristo. Invite people to come unto Christ.  If you can do all that you can to serve others and make this your purpose I know that your life will be filled with much more.  The love of Christ will become manifested in your hearts and there is no other feeling that is more glorious and satisfying then this feeling.
All I have been doing, All that I am doing, All that there is to to live for Christ and to give all that you have for him and his church.  One thing that is very common here is that practically everyone believes in God. And they always say. There is one God and everyone that lives believes in Him in someway. I think this is one thing that has become manifest for me all the more.
It is a blessing to be here with this little area of the world to serve God's Children.  I wish you all the best and continue to keep you in my prayers!
Love from Quito,
chou mi amoroso familia
Hermana Dunkley

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