Monday, July 7, 2014

The Glory of His Gospel‏

Well only have a little bit of time this week because we went to a volcano!! o volcan...It was really cool we were in the clouds and had a fun experience getting up there and I think I finally liked the fish so bueno...haha.  It was really a great day with our zone and super awesome to witness a volcano that Christ created under the direction of God.
Anyways this week we have our first baptism on Friday for Anabel!  She had her interview this Sunday and we are really excited that she has made this commitment to a promise with God.  It is the most amazing experience to see someone else find the truth.  There is no way I could explain it only that when you witness someone who has been prepared by God to recieve this gospel and then as they continue to progress and accept all of our commandments and lessons and el libro de mormon to be true.  There is no other emotion I have ever felt like it.  Basically I am so excited to see Anabel experience this love for the gospel.  There is nothing else that can strengthen your own testimony of the truth! I have learned so much from her and from some of our other investigators. I have learned when to talk and when not to talk. I have learned when to listen and when I am actually following the Spirit and not. I think this has been my most vital lesson this week. I think sometimes teaching becomes rehearsed because we teach the same lessons to multiple people. The important part is discerning what the Spirit wants you to specifically say about certain topics and also what you should ask your investigators.  Because what truly matters is that they desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ...not because my companion and I are really persuasive or because we need a baptism...but because Christ has asked that of us and if we want to fulfill our purpose here in the Earth to return to live with God we must do the things he has commanded us to do.  This is the glory of His gospel.  Anyways I am so grateful for all of the words of advice I am able to recieve from you all. and all the opportunities I have to learn more from you all.  
Love from Quito,
Hermana Dunkley

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