Monday, July 28, 2014

No Sé...lo siento‏

ok so this week we didnt have a baptism again, but we officialy have a date set for Anabel this saturday so please keep her in your prayers!!! and this weekend we are planning on having a noche blanca!!! which is when a lot of people are being baptized and they are all wearing white so it is a noche blanca...haha. i didnt understand that for like three weeks hahaha.
i go tracking almost everyday and we knock on doors or talk to people in their stores there are lots of little stores around here.  i actually like doing this a lot. people are so different here in Ecuador because so many people actually want to talk to you and learn from you and stuff so it is great because we always have people to talk to. 
We basically walk everywhere. there are buses for 25 cents and we use them probably two or three times a week, but we are changing chapels this week for one that is probably a half hour away by bus so we will have to use those on sundays too. there are also taxis everywhere but we only use those like once every once in a while.  
ok so this last week was....i dont know normal. haha it is just that i am so used to the day to day things that i forgot what it was like not to have everyday, every hour mapped out to exactly what you are going to do.  oh yeah i remeber someting interesting this last week we ate la parte de la vaca se llama pauta.  that means the foot of the cow.  like you could tell. it was weird. i ate the toe part.  the funny thing is that i thought it was like the mouth of the cow. and i am grateful for this because i think i would have been more hesitant if it knew it was the foot while i ate it.  everyone here thinks it is so rico...really tasty or good....but i honestly didnt really taste anything because it was in a soup so. yeah that experience went really well...haha. it was chewy. really chewy.  you guys should try it.  
what else....
We have some new investigators this last week and the lessons with them were really awesome.  I honestly love teaching and learning and just like making friends i guess.  the people here love laughing with me....actually i think ate me...but it is all good. i have a lot of friends because of it. haha...but back to seriousness. i ahve been blessed so much. Yo siempre senti el amor de Dios.  Tambien en que manera yo necesito mejorar, porque a veces este mision es ful dificil, pero la realidad es que esta vida es dificil y podemos cambiar cuando sabemos que este es la solo camino y necesitamos cambiar para EL. 
Les Amo!!!!
Recordar que Dios nos ama y quiere que pudimos cambiar para El.
you should  probably just use google translate cuz i dont got time to change it to english hahahah
love from Quito
Hermana DUnkley

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