Monday, July 14, 2014

Patience, and Trust‏

Ok first off sad news of the week.  Anabel wasn't able to be baptized.  Her grandfather went into the hospital and her mom needs her to be with him like all the time because her mom works and so we havent seen her all weekend and we are a little worried about her. All my companion and I want for her is this opportunity to be closer to God and she wants it too, so it is sad that she wasn't able to have it this last week, but I have faith that she can make this covenant with God this week.  
Anyways I have learned so many lessons from this experience. First of patience. Second of Trust in God. I think one of the things I have accidently done is that I get carried away in helping people and doing things for them based off of my own opinion that I forget that the most important thing to do is to first seek that of the Lords opinion. Because if he knows everything, why am I not asking him more? haha. yes I need to start doing that a lot more and praying a lot more specifically like we teach so many people to do. tambien I just need to trust in the will of God.  This has been interesting. It is hard when you feel like a horrible missionary or some things happen because you dont have enough faith, but really truth is that you need to have trust in the Lord and his plan for you.  Wow has that been an eye opener.
Well in other news! end of the first cambio...Change...and wow has it been an amazing learning experience. I am so excited for more time with my companion and I know that we can really do wonders in this little sector mariscal of the world. haha.  Anyways I really am grateful for this work and all that I have been able to do while serving the Lord!! At times it is hard, but there is no other language I would rather hear...there is no other people I would rather be with...and there is no other person I would rather serve than the Lord.
I love this scripture that I read today Psalms 100:2
Serve the Lord with gladness : come before his presence with singing .
So always serve the Lord with gladness in whatever way in whatever form and to whom ever that you can.  He will bless you and you will surely be able to kneel at his feet in the day of judgment and be happy for all that you have done in this life.
love to you all
cuidanse ( is like take comfort )
amor de quito
Hermana Dunkley

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