Thursday, May 22, 2014

The true Character of Jesucristo

Dear family/everybody,
It has gotten to the point now where I just forget what happened in the entire last week.  Like didn´t I just get here? Wasn't it Thursday last week? haha, but it truly is a blessing.  Anyways it is my one month anniversary tomorrow no big deal!! haha. And then we will be saying 17 more months!! But what matters the most is that I have learned so much here and I am so grateful for that! This week we had a member of the seventy speak named Elder Anulfo Valenzuela and he spoke all in Spanish and since we have been here for 5 weeks we had the opportunity to just listen to all of the Spanish.  The new kids got headphones that translated it into English, but we had to try to just comprehend as much as we could.  I was very thankful that he spoke slowly for us because I was able to understand so much and he really showed to me how important it is to focus on your investigators.  The one thing that stood out to me the most was even at moments when I wasn't as focused on figuring out what he was saying to me I could still feel the Holy Ghost and it was almost like it was communicating the words that I heard.  The power of the Holy Ghost is amazing and it has really impacted me so much here! As we were teaching investigators this week we were progressing so well with one of our investigators and we were behind with another.  We had no idea what to do with Lino and we were wondering why we could not figure out what to do next.  So I felt impressed upon to ask help from our teacher and he told me that the most important thing to focus on your mission is loving your investigators and learning about them as people.  In the CCM we often are focusing on our own progression, how we do with the language and how we are as teachers...,but that is not what is the most important thing for us to do at all.  When we learned about the true character of Christ this week we found that everything about him turns outward.  When Satan tried to tempt him in the Bible the problem for him was not to eat bread because he had just fasted for 40 days it was the temptation to deny his father and use his power as the savior for himself.  This temptation was for him to look inward and it could have never had any affect on him because his true character is one that looks outwards.  As we go through struggles as we move on through life as we desire to be like Christ we must desire to look outside of ourselves.  It is often much easier to worry about your needs and what you want, but as a disciple of Christ we can only grow by looking outside of ourselves.  Sometimes it can be hard to be in a scheduled day to day routine, but as soon as I expressed concern for my investigator to my teacher in Spanish he asked me if I was speaking Spanish because he couldn't tell the difference because I spoke so quickly haha. But what I am trying to say is that through all of the struggles we all have when we stop thinking of ourselves and think more of what God may want us to learn we can truly find the eternal beings we are meant to become.  I am so thankful for all of you and if you have time to do anything you should read chapter 6 of preach my gospel about Christ like attributes and maybe try to find the true character of Christ to you.  
Love Hermana Dunkley

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