Friday, May 2, 2014

Hello from Mexico!

Hola familia!!! 
Mexico is amazing.  I mean we live in the most beautiful little compound. haha it may sound funny but it is true.  since practically everyone has asked yes the food is mostly disgusting but we are lucky to have pizza every Tuesday and taquitos that are pretty good!!. so we teach an investigator everyday in Spanish. it is so hard, but it forces you to learn the language fast.  we have definitely learned that teaching takes practice and that you just got to keep the scriptures open when you have no idea what to say.  i have been inspired so many times to say things that i wouldn't always know and it is truly a blessing from god. honestly the second you get here you are immersed in spanish our teachers dont like us speaking english and only when maestro munoz is feeling nice will he speak english to us.  my district is hilarious and we like to joke around a lot we also have these awesome traditions that we have to do.  my roommates deidra and kim will understand that i have to wear pink on wednesday because of mean girls haha but we make the boys do it too!! it is so crazy how much the lord blesses you too.  i have been able to tell that i definatly am in this companionship for a reason and i have trials to better shape me into the servant god needs me.  4 of the boys in my district are going to quito and the other two are going to concepion chile like trevor.  my companions are hermana ennis and hermana barrus.  we are a funny pair but we have gotten along so well and really learned to communicate and work together in all of our lessons and stuff. hermana ennis is from virgina ( yes the south country side) and rachel is right hermana ennis knows a bunch of people who make moonshine, and hermana barrus is from texas and she is such a sweetheart.  hermana ennis is one too we are just a little more sassy with each other haha.  I am currently the only girl goint to quito because the girls who were going left the week before we go here, but all the latinos love me here when i put on my soccer jersey and then they start talking to me in spanish and i just start nodding and acting like i know what they mean hahaaha.  We got a baby district today and my companions and i have been called as sister training leaders.  the poor girls get a bunch of leaders who have only been here a week but we are excited to train them and get to know them better!!  I have really grown so much since I have been here and to be honest you hear people say oh it will be hard on your mission, but you can´t understand until you are actually here.  I had some trouble Saturday night and i really missed my family, but on sunday we had a devotional about Lots wife looking back and turning to salt because she wanted to return to the city and she did not have faith that god would provide for her in her future and that has definately been amazing learning point for me.  I cant look into the past or leave in the past with my family anymore now, but I can have faith that God will provide for me in my future and truly teach me the things that i need to learn in order to be the trusted servant he wants me to be.  I am so grateful for all the emails I have recieved and I love you and miss you all so much, but this is the place I am supposed to be now!
Love Hermana Dunkley
#selfie....had to do it considering my dad has an instagram now he needs to learn the correct ways!!!
​my beautiful bed an my awesome scriptures with case...someone tell grandma i love my quilt and it is amazing and uncle brad i love my case!! it totally makes a difference to have personal things like these!!!​

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