Thursday, May 15, 2014

Always Follow Christ (Seguir Jesucristo Siempre)‏

It has been a long week. Pretty much the understament of the century haha it was so crazy.  First of all everyone is getting the flu but I am lucky to have gotten the shot so I feel fine.  Then on Wedenesday a guy in our district (Elder Peterson) fractured a bone in his ankle while playing volleyball.  Luckily for us he will stay here as a handicapped person for the next 3 weeks.  (there are some pics of him in the wheelchair)! Today we got to go to the Ciudad de Mexico templo! it is beautiful on the outside and it looks just like a Mayan temple, but white.  Plus the Angel Moroni is holdings scriptures in his hands which is the only one in Mexico that does that which is interesting.  This week I had the opportunity to teach the first lesson all over again for another investigator.  He was a teacher here at the CCM but his profile was a less active which is harder to teach a lesson too.  We had a plan to teach a lesson to someone who did not know anything about our church, but we had to change our ideas once we got in there.  The best thing that happened was that I was able to speak in the Spanish language so clearly and I could actually help him understand the reasons why this church is so important to me.  What was so amazing was at the end of the lesson we asked him to pray and he prayed to God and said thank you for me! He said my name and everything...( well at least my last name haha). But what mattered to me was that I was able to practice helping him to develop a closer relationship with God.  To follow in Spanish is Seguir and I have learned that word and tried to use it so often.  It has become so important to me that I follow Christ´s ejemplo as often as I can.  This week was harder because I got to see my family on Mothers Day but then I had to say bye in only a half hour.  I really had to realize that this has been apart of Gods plan for me all along.  One of my companions has been struggling with being enough, or being a perfect teacher, companion, and just person in general.  And I think I realized that at sometimes we all feel that way just some people more prevalent than others.  So it may be hard to not compare your success to others or your progress to others, but what matters is that God values the success you have made yourself and we are all different and all have different talents for our own reasons.  Whenever I feel down or troubled I think of the fact that My Savior suffered much worse than my trials are, but also that I have been given these trials because he knew I could make it through them and look back a better person.  I hope that all of you can remeber to follow Christ this week! Much Love From El Ciduad De Mexico
Hermana Dunkley

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