Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love of God

Every week is a new challenge. Time flies by so quickly here that you feel like you have new problemas or trials everyday.  The blessing though is that  we are able to know that our trials are supposed to shape us into the servants we need to become.  It was a crazy weekend in that one of my companions got hurt and had to go home .  We went from 3 to 2 in one day and it was really weird because we were so used to teaching in a trio and we had to learn to adjust quickly.  I think that this is something we have to do often in our lives but especially out here.  We have to learn that sometimes you will be with another complete stranger tomorrow and just have to learn how to teach with them and adjust quickly because it doesn´t matter how you feel about matters what the investigators learn and that they are coming closer to Christ.  It is so crazy to imagine that I will be in Ecuador on Tuesday. It is hard to imagine this experience is over.  Especially because you learned to be humbled here everyday, but you start to expect that oh I am improving or oh my investigators should be amazing by now...and then you are humbeld again and brought back down to the place Christ needs you to be.  The only success I have had with relating words to another person in Spanish during a lesson is because of Christ and it is always vital that I remember that.  I can´t expect any praise because it is my job to improve and the only way I can improve is by being shown my weaknesses.  So I am ready to learn the rest that I will need to learn in Ecuador.  But, more importantly I am ready to finally be with the people I already love in Ecuador.  I am so excited to get to know them and to work with them it is just so crazy! All I pray is that I can be worthy of trust from the Lord so that he will trust me to share the message with the children he loves! We learned a little about Thomas S Monson's talk from conference this week in relief society my favorite thing he says is that,"May we begin now, this very day, to express love to all of God's children, whether they be our family members, our friends, mere acquaintances, or total strangers.  As we arise each morning, let us determind to respond with love and kindness to whatever might come our way.  Beyond comprehension my brothers and sisters is the love of God for us.  Because of this love, He sent His Son, who loved us enought to give His life for us, that we might have eternal life." I am so proud to testify that I know this to be true and feel the love for my Savior each day! I hope all of you can as well.  Love
Hermana Dunkley

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