Monday, July 13, 2015

10 minutos mas entonces debo ser rápida.‏

I always decide to put random titles when I have no idea what else to say. 
So the pope came last week. That was interesting. We all thought it was going to be hard to visit people, but it was actually pretty normal for us. Just one person refused to turn of the tv of the popes misa...I dont know what misa is english...hahaha So those are the interesting going ons of Ecuador.

All is well in Zion and I was thinking of doing something a little bit different this week because I am bored with the usual stuff.

So once upon a time there was this girl who had had a good life. She was happy, but didn´t know what to do with herself. She had dreams of a great future and lots of different things. She wanted to be so much, but never thought she would become the person she was. She was actually very surprised. Until one day she felt so lost that she wanted to know what she should do. So she fasted, prayed, and asked, and like a little calm feeling of happiness knew what she should do with her future. Even though it was only one answer to all of the questions she had she knew where she needed to go. So she recieved her call and she felt a connection to something so much deeper she had never known before. She went and worked and suffered and learned, and got up again. The great thing is that she is happy now, she has found her destiny and hopes to continue to find it. I am so grateful that she prayed that one day and that her father and mother helped her to get out and go as far as she could to reach the limits of her own abilities. The great thing is that she could only do it thanks to her Lord and Savior.

I am so grateful that God answers our prayers. I cannot wait to continue on forward and figure out the finish of that story. I hope you all have a great week, and remember to just keep moving forward!
Con mucho amor de Armenia,
Hermana Dunkley
ps i eat bananas now

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