Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This magic moment‏

Haylo family. ...that is how latinos say hello and I like it. haha

I am doing great. How are all of you? well im not quite sure if you all wanted to know that, but I told you anyways.

Well I just want to get to the point today. I went home to Mariscal and it was amazing. I died. I was like if this is how it feels just to return home to my first family in the mission it is going to be super crazy when I am in California....ya sorry just  a second of trunkiness. but wow it was so great and I want to share with you all an experience I had when I got to see my viejito, mi abuelito, Alfonso.

So I called him in the morning and he was all like: quien es. y yo dije hermana dunkley...oh mi reinita mi reinita que gusto escucharle como estas que haces....a donde te vas....vas a venir a mi casa...y yo le dije si alfonso vamos a venir a su casa y el me dijo oh que bueno escucharte. 
I had to put in spanish cuz it sounds better. So then I went to his house later and He asked me if he could give me a hug I told him he couldnt and he was sad, but we talked anyways. I asked him if he had finished reading his book of mormon and then he told me. Hermana Dunkley. I have read the book of mormon three times since you first gave it to me and doctrine and covenants twice. I was amazed. It was so great. haha. Then he gave the last prayer and he said. I am so thankful for hermana Dunkley she was the first one who showed me this gospel and light and now I feel so thankful for this opportunity. 

As he thanked God for me, I just sat there in disbelief. I  couldn´t feel so much happiness like that. It was amazing. I had never really felt that before. Just having the opportunity to find someone teach them the gospel and then return after 6 months and meet them again as active members of the church, is in experience like no other I have had in my life. I only wish for the day that I can see him in the temple. 

I am so truly grateful for this chance to serve a mission and meet people each and every day. You never know the day that will come when you can help someone change their life. So thankful for all those who have helped me to prepare to come out here, because if it weren´t for you all I wouldn´t have been able to feel this joy in that moment.

Con mucho amor de Armenia,
Hermana Dunkley

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