Monday, April 13, 2015

La Historia‏

¿Buenas días como están con todos?
Yo bien gracias. Hoy tenemos un actividad por eso estoy escribiendo mas temprano pero voy a regresar mas tarde para poder responder a todos.

So this last week was truly amazing. I had so much fun. We did divisions and I got to go out with a sister from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was so amazing she is hilarious, and I loved hearing her accent. She always puts an sh when there is a y or ll. so she says things like (sh)yo soy hermana molina. It was so cute. I started talking like someone from Argentina. Then we had some really great lessons with our investigators and were able to find lots of new ones.  We had interviews with president I recieved so much help from him.  Something that he helped me to see was how I am continuing to strengthen my testimony. 

I told him that I have been trying to change my prayers so that they are more sincere. Like I am talking to God with all the energy of my heart like the scriptures say.  Then he told me something really amazing. When we go to pray to God we should imagine like we are truly in his presence and taking those 5 minutes to talk with Him like we need to do.  It made me truly contemplate. Everytime I talk to Him I am in His presence and so I should continue to move forward and do those things that are important. 

Just a cool quote that I would like to share with you all that I read today as we were on our drive to our activity. dice,"la historia no se la cuenta, se la hace." Manuela Saenz. In english, "History, you don´t tell it, you make it." 
So as I was sitting on the bus. I thought about all the importance that there is in this quote. We should always be doing our best to act throughout our lives. We should do more to make history than just tell the story.  

I hope you all are doing well and remember the importance of the gospel in your lives.

Con mucho amor de Armenia,
Hermana Dunkley

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