Monday, March 9, 2015

Happiness . . . . . .

Well time got away from me as usual, but I feel like the email from last week was so great that maybe I can be bad right now and not send you all a lot. haha

Well nothing new really happened this week. We are still working hard here in Guranda, and have a lot of hope for the future of this sector. I am good because now we have pensionistas so we pay someone to make us lunch and dinner everyday and it is amazing because she really can cook!!! She told me I needed to tell you all because she thinks it is normal for family to worry about the alimentation of someone. Not quite sure if I just made that word up and it is Spanglish...but whoops haha. 

Also I was able to have a really spiritual experience this last week when we were able to help someone realize the importance of only praying to God. She had always struggled with a dedication to the virgen mary, but when we talked about the 10 commandments she finally realized why it is so important to obey what God says. It was amazing because I said a fervent prayer to open the lesson and just simply asked God to help us to solve her doubt and we recieved an immediate response with the scriptures that we read and she was able to overcome all of that. 

I am so grateful to be out here serving a mission. All I need now is to lose some weight becuase we are honestly eating so much, but to be honest I am happy with that so when I get home a little chubbier you can all  make fun of me. I will be well alimentado...not sure how you say that in english....oh yeah. well fed. haha. 

but honestly I am so grateful for this church and for all of you back home! 

ps do not be frightened by the pictures of this week. it is completly normal here to see this.​

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