Monday, March 16, 2015

Aha moments‏

Well there is not much time and not much to say. You guys are probably thinking right now, "wow what happened to all the good emails"
well let me just tell you  it is hard to always be so perfect....hahahahahahaha
yeah had to get that joke out. 
well today i would like to talk with you all about the best aha moment that I had. Lets bring it back to the amazing days of oprah winfrey aha moments. haha.

well as we sat together in a meeting as a zone with our Mission President, I had the opportunity just to feel the Spirit and learn a lot about how we can change to become better missionaries, and people in general. It is so uplifting to learn about how to become a better person sometimes that I just like sitting and feeling good. So then as we were sitting there our president told us, "Ahora nos gustaria escuchar algunos testimonios...y vamos a empezar con la de Hermana Dunkley" If I were to tell you what he said in english I wouldn`t have said it like he said it so that is why I said it spanish. Yeah sorry I have just been having a little to much fun with the jokes these days, but back to the good stuff. So he told us we were going to listen to testimonies and I knew he was going to ask me for mine so when he told me I was first I got up there and just took a second to look at everyone. I felt the Spirit so strongly and as if God was there listening to me in that moment. So I just talked and told everyone why I am here, and how the atonement of Jesus Christ has truly changed my life.  I told them that I had realized that I wasn´t serving a mission to just go home and tell everyone wow look what I did I can speak Spanish, because that would be the biggest waist of 18 months if I only came here to do that. I told them that I honestly feel so blessed to be here to share with others what I know to be true, and if I do not have much success in doing it, I do not care because I am here to serve the Lord. That is what matters to me.  I am honestly so grateful for everyday that I have to serve and change my life. I only wish to be able to do a little bit more of that. 

Thank you all for your support and prayers. I can truly feel the help when I have to walk up stairs and just want to die. Then I realize yeah its alright I will be able to drive a car in 7 months. haha. That is what keeps me walking everywhere I go. I love you all so much!!!

ps. here are some pictures of us making empanadas. my first one was really small so i made two to redeem myself. they were absolutely amazing when I get home I will get a lot of money from selling them...hahahah

Con mucho amor de Guranda,
Hermana Dunkley

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