Saturday, December 13, 2014

Through God anything is possible‏

First off I just want to share a really kind experience I had today.  We were in Quito for a training my companion had so I was just waiting in the offices not doing anything, so the senior married couple missionaries and the president of the mission invited me to be apart of their prayer to start off the day so I just walked in like normal.  I hadn't remembered what it was like to listen to a prayer in english and also to just listen to all of the words that others say for the missionaries everyday.  Sister Nuttell prayed that we could all be inspired to  help others, but more importantly that others could find us and be interested to listen to our message.  She asked that we could be blessed with the protection from God.  I felt so humbled to hear her prayer, I started to cry.  I had a hard week and I was trying to contemplate in how can I change again so that my investigators will go to church.  I was contemplating in how can this family that we just met have the desire to come to our church and not the Catholic like they do every sunday.  I was contemplating in how can I help our less actives who work Sundays, or our investigators who work Sundays, to feel the need to keep the sabbath day holy.  I think I was contemplating all these things with only my own strength and not thinking of what does God think I should do.  It was so overwhelming having so many things to do for others that I had no idea how I could do it all so that my week could end with happiness rather than why aren't people coming to church. 
Then I was given the conference talk from November which is really beautfiul and I was able to feel the Spirit of comfort in my heart.  I cannot do everything, but through God I can do anything I need, want, or desire.  I want people to come to church, I need more faith, and I desire to have success here in my sector.  All I can do more is look to God pray with all of my heart and be obedient to his commandments. that is what i want and that is what i will do. My mission president told me a quote that I really like "The Lord cannot guide our footsteps until we move our feet"
May all of you have a wonderful holiday season and remeber what the Lord has done for you in this time tan maravillosa. I love you all!
Con Mucho amor de Baños..well currently Quito...
Hermana Dunkley

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