Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I love to see the Temple

We had changes. Hermanas Cornejo, and Jara went back to Quito to finish their missions, and I stayed here in Baños and welcomed my old companion Hermana Rojas.  It was kind of weird yesterday when I got the call I was wondering if there was another hermana Rojas, but no there isnt so we will be together for another 4 weeks and then she will be returning home to Peru. That means she will die with me in the mission. I never had the chance to kill someone so that will be something new. ( its missionary talk we always say the companion of the person who goes home gets to kill them, it gives us something exciting to talk about haha) so i am really excited to grow some more in this next change with her.

This last week I have just felt very happy.  We had an amazing Training from our leaders of the Area for all the ward councils I learned so much.  What I always hear and just played out to me even more was that we have one purpose here as members and missionaries and It has to do a little bit with my favorite primary song.  To help people realize the importance of the temple and to help them to be able to go and recieve their covenants and continue to have church recommends.  I will always remember that my young womens teachers taught me and seminary teachers taught me. CTR isnt choose the right...haha its current temple recomend.  Thats what Lori always told us.  
I think I just loved it so much because he told us that we need to help people to see the beauty of the temple.  We need to help them to feel that if they go their they really can have eternal families.  That was what was so cool for me.  I want all of my investigators, people who have let go from going to the church, members, and just my family and friends in general to feel the importance of the temple. If we all can see the importance of it and the great opportunity we have to participate in these things I think we could all feel all that more grateful for these opportunities that we have to have them so close to our homes.  I truly love to see the temple and hope to see you all their someday.  I put my two favorite temples in this email so that you could all see the beauty of these places and know that God has blessed us with this chance to have families that can not only be together here but after this life as well. 
From my heart to yours y con mucho amor de Baños,
Hermana Dunkley

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