Monday, October 19, 2015

For the last time

Well it is weird that it has gotten to this point. I say weird because the mission becomes a part of your life, where you think that everything that has ever been, everything that is, and everything that ever will be surrounds you with a companion, a plaque, and spanish other words a mission. I feel so many mixed feelings to be honest, because it is so hard when you get to a point that you have to say goodbye to all those that you love here too. As I spoke with my stake president 18 months ago he told me," now it is hard to say goodbye to your family, but just imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye to your family in Ecuador, when you leave and without any surety that you will see them again." I can tell you that it is hard to say goodbye to people that you aren´t sure you will see again they become to have similar qualities like the members of your own family.
For example. Bryan. My convert. As I said goodbye to him I felt love and sadness. He became just like my older brother, in one moment my brother seems like a tough guy who will never cry or anything and then in the next moment my brother cries and I felt the same thing with my brother like I did when Bryan cried... He became just like my older brother and as they thanked me for what I did it became hard to realize that it was all going to end. 
Rosalia a member from my ward in ambato. She is like my two sisters and my mom combined. She has a little bit of every single one of them and as she said goodbye to me it was so hard. like my dad. I say that because Alfonso told me one thing, I will talk to you soon and stay true to God. My dad has always been the steady person for me in my life.
I will miss them all, but I am so grateful that I can now see my family. So as I finish this all off I want to share the millioneth testimony as a missonary.
I know without a doubt that my savior lives, and I am so grateful for him. He has taught me so much and helped me to finally understand his gospel. I know that he truly atoned for me. I think I can finally understand that a lot better, but I still have so much to learn. I know that being a missionary is a great opportunity to serve the Lord and sacrifice a part of your life to more than just yourself it is a sacrifice that changes yourself and that helps so many others. I know that God sent me to Ecuador because I was meant to be here because I truly love every aspect of it all. I am so grateful to Him for what he has helped me to do. I promise to continue forward wherever life takes me. I know the church is true and that the gospel has been restored by modern day prophets today. I know that God will always be there for us even when we fall. Jamas olvidaré todo lo que he aprendido y jamás pararé de hacer como él quiere que haga.
I wish you all blessings and happiness in your lives. Dont forget what is the most important, your relationship with God in this life. I wish you all the best and hope to see you all soon.
For the last time 
Con mucho amor de Ecuador,
Hermana Dunkley

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