Monday, February 9, 2015


Well i am just sitting in riobamba right now and i have like officialy two minutes to say something to you all because our bus is going to leave and i have a lot of luggage so i have to be really quick.
What I wanted to tell you all is that I will be leaving for Guaranda and its the week of carnaval and so it is going to be crazy because the best carnaval in all of Ecuador is in Guaranda so I will be soaking wet. hah
Now as usual my new companion is Hermana Romero...and lets all guess where is she from?...............PERU!!! 
wow everyone great job haha
I love you all so much I have a testimony that this is the true church and even though it is hard for me to leave a sector that I loved so much I am excited to start up again and open up a sector where sisters have never been before.
I hope you all are doing well love you!!
Con mucho amor de Riobamba,

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