Monday, February 16, 2015

Carnaval y milagros‏

Well happy valentines/ didnt really feel like valentines day so I forgot it even passed until like today haha...

Well first off I want to tell you all about how crazy it is to open up a sector right when the parties of Carnaval are going on.  So when you are getting to know a sector you want the help of the members and sometimes it is hard because yeah they have to work, but it is even harder when they are all out in parades and everything so yeah that didnt really work out all that well.  Then on top of that we try to go contactaing in some areas to find less actives and new investigators and that doesnt work because as you are walking by the little kids start throwing water ballons at you or throwing buckets full of water at you from the roof tops, or they get this like silly string stuff, but is foam that stains your clothes and just put it all over you. haha so I had some fun these last few days and it will continue until wednesday. Let me just say there is nothing like hearing LOCA GRINGA...and then getting wet. its fun...haha. so we got to stay inside sunday because it was so crazy with all of the drunk people.

Now I feel so excited and enthusiastic for this area, there is nothing like having your faith challenged so much to make something come out of nothing. We are truly looking for answers to prayers and fasts like nothing else right now and we can see the little miracles everyday.  I have never felt the need for so much faith in my life like I feel right now.  So we did a fast as a mission this last Saturday and Sunday and it was amazing my companion and I were just meditating on those things after and we felt like this change will be a lot different from the others. We are going to do all that we can to recieve the miracles. That is something I am truly excited and looking forward to. I mean it is hard when you want to work and you cant because of these parties, but yeah we keep going with enthuisasm.

I wish you all the best of weeks and celebrate a little bit of carnaval with your family this week just get them wet and you will be happy thats why all of the Ecuadorians are happy right now.
I love you all
Con mucho amor de Guaranda,
Hermana Dunkley

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