Monday, June 23, 2014

Rollercoaster Ride‏

I figured I would start out this email with an awesome photo for an awesome week! Today is offically two months in the misión so two things that are amazing, interesting, and awesome about Ecuador and the people.  Everyone in Ecuador greets with one kiss on the cheek.  It is awesome and you get used to it really quickly.  What you don't get used to is when a random guy in the street tries to kiss you on the cheek and you don't know what to do so you make sure there is a lot of space between your faces hahaha.  Second thing is that the people of this country love there country and whenever there is a futbol game you can tell by the swelling amount of people who wear there jerseys and you can tell when they win because all of the cars in the streets honk their horns like a billion times.
Anyways I think I have finally seen the rollercoaster affect of a misión.  Because this week I experienced so many highs and at the same time so many lows.  First the low.  We were finally able to serve someone last week and she is catholic and very patinent about her church, but when we taught her about prophets she was pretty interested and understood the importance of them.  Anyways this week we followed up with her and decided to share another message and we asked her if she would be willing to pray to know that this message is true....well she didn't really like that she told us how she respects all religions but doesn't want to change.  She believes that because the catholic church has been around longer than ours it is correct.  It was hard because after that lesson we knew we probably wouldn't be teaching her again.  
The good thing is that we met Anabel.  This is going to be the name of my first child I have decided...boy or girl....just kidding.  But Anabel has been so amazing.  We have only had two lessons with her, but she has such grand faith in Jesús Christ and in this church.  I truly felt guided by the spirit when I talked with her because everyday I have prayed for one el don de lenguas ( the gift of tongues ) and two the gift of discernment. (discernment is too complicated in spanish...) while we were teaching her I just felt at the end that I needed to ask her if she believed this church and our message to be true. And she said in spanish its true si i know its true.  Wow.  What an experience to truly see someone who has been prepared by the Lord to recieve this message.  It truly made me start to ponder my life and all that I have done.  At times I feel bad because I know I should have done learn more piano because yes it is hard when your bishop asks you to play in church and you have no idea what the song is because it is in spanish...luckily I can just play the right hand the people of ecuador are very forgiving....and like pay attention when I was learning spanish...basically many things I have seen that I should have done differently.  But if there is one thing that I have done right in my entire life it is come on this misión at this time to this place.  Because truly there is a time and a place for everything. There is a reason we meet people, talk to people, and learn from people.  There is a reason we have challenges and weaknesses.  At times this can be extremly hard to understand the most asked question ever...WHY? but the importance is that we have been given the opportunity to learn and grow in this earth and our purpose here is to return to live with Him.  So endure to the end and count your blessings in the mean time.  Show your love for others as he has shown his love for you.  I love you all and miss you in a great way.  Because I am here where I am supposed to be with the people I am supposed to be with.
love from Quito,
hermana Dunkley

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