Monday, June 9, 2014

Chillogallo, Ecuador

que bueno! It is Monday again! Wow well this week has been crazy.  There is nothing like your first week in the field.  Here are a few emotions crazy, nervous, loco, excitement, sadness, and humility.  I have probably had to experience some crazy hard things here just in the past week, but there is no place I would rather be!  I am in Chillogallo which is a sector really close to the Mission home in Quito.  I am still in Quito, but considering how long the city is 26 miles, it is no surprise that I am in Quito! My trainers name is Hermana Flores and she is from Bolivia! It is crazy because she only speaks Spanish, but the amazing thing is we can communicate even though it is difficult sometimes! She has helped me with so many things everyday we pick a new thing and learn how to say it in English and Spanish. She is so patient and I love her so much! We also got a new companion today Hermana Dominguez from Ecuador and she is going to be with us for two week maybe and then she will leave for Peru! Anyways the weather here is so cold.  I wear so many clothes in the night but during the day it is fine.  Anyways back to the important stuff.  It is amazing how different things are when you get into the field.  I don't know what I expected, but it is hard to come into a place and have to learn so much about your investigators, your members, cada persona.  It is so hard for me to see people who need help and mine and I can't tell them every little thing I would like to in their language, but I am learning.  Most importantly is that I can understand almost everything people say. And if there is anything I have learned so far it is that listening is extremely important. People are more responsive to others who listen.  But my first day in the field was crazy we had several lessons and we walked everywhere and I invited someone to be baptized and she said yes!  The blessing for me has been while I am talking to others and doing the work I forget what day it is and what I have done wrong and what I need to improve on and instead I remember to look outwards.  If there is anything I need to learn while out here it is to be more like Christ and stop thinking about myself.  I think one of the biggest weaknesses I have is that I often think of my own problems when I need to more importantly focus on my investigators needs from me.  I am so happy to be doing this work! And I cant wait to do more to help the people in the Mariscal Barrio! I love you all and remember that no matter what is going wrong in your lives DIOS LES AMA MUCHO.  God loves you so much and he desires you to turn to him so he can help you.  If there is any lifeline that I have found I cannot leave without it is his.  Buena Semana! Hasta Luego
Hermana Dunkley

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