Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things to do!

What is it like to finally know where you are going Madison? Well to be perfectly honest busy!! You have no idea how much you have to do until you get your call. Then you are receiving letters saying apply for a visa and read the Book of Mormon and study preach my gospel and do all these things before you get into the missionary training center! Daunting? Just a little bit. On top of that I am constantly plauged by the fact that I need to be getting clothes and other necessities that I need to take to a country that I really don't know all that much about. There are many suggestions out there for girls like me but it is hard to know which advice to take that will be best for me! Anyways although I am working on all of these things right now, I am greatful because I have never felt so ready to handle all of these tasks as I am now. So my advice to those of you getting ready to submit your papers, start learning now and do not wait until you have your call. As my mission prep teacher has so wisely taught us, be worthy to go to the temple and be prepared for the biggest change that will soon be in your life.


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