Monday, October 6, 2014

Oriente Banos Ecuador

Well so that my mother stops pressuring me I am going to email everyone now. haha. 
I moved and we had changes!!! Right now I am sitting at the base of a volcano in a city called Baños. yes it is called Baños, but it is like the paradise of the Quito, Ecuador mission. It is so gorgeous here and I feel like I'm a little bit at home because there are so many gringos...( white people ) because there are a bunch of tourists here. So that means that today I got to the terminal Quitumbe at 8 left there at 1030 and got here at 415 and I went most of the way with a different sister but she was going somewhere else so I went the last hour all by myself. It was really weird. I'm not quite sure if I liked it. haha. So now I am here with my two new peruanas. Hermana Jara and Hermana Cornejo. So yeah I am also in a trio. wahoo, but I get to wake up to Paradise everyday so I think I can live with that. 
Anways I was thinking of something that I read the last week that a friend showed me it was called the 10 things you need in Ecuador and I was thinking what are 10 things that you don't expect but need to as a missionary so here is my list

10 Changes. It sucks to pack all of your stuff up and just always expect the unexpected because you will see the unexpected.  You might think that a change or transfer will just be normal, but when you lose all of your PDAY just to go somewhere else yeah expect the unexpected it is better. 

9 Language. You can't judge how you will do in a different language before you leave on your mission. You can totally change and do better, but don't expect to be a perfect speaker. You need time and you need to work hard. 

8 People. You will be talking with practically anyone with a heartbeat. Get used to it and like it hopefully.

7 food. You will love and hate the food good luck.

And I will finish the other 6 things next week have to go and love you all. I'm here in Banos after a super like bus ride but what are you going to do haha. love you all so much!!
Hermana Dunkley

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