Sunday, April 27, 2014

Up and Away!

Madison left for Mexico MTC on Wednesday April 23, 2014.  It was hard watching her go up the stairs by herself and through security.  But thank goodness it was 5:30 am and we were all still asleep.  She made it to Mexico and here is her email she sent us.  We are so grateful for Madison and her desire to serve her Heavenly Father.  Mama Dunks

Hey mom and family hope you can forward this to everyone, but I made it here and what an amazing trip it was.  I got to Dallas and there was a billion missionaries. just kiding like 10-12.  So i made a bunch of friends.  one of the girls that was on the flight with me is my companion and she is really nice.  this elder i sat next to on the plane is also going to chile conception like trevor, but we are like the only ones going foreign.  the trip was amazing and i had so much fun.  mexico city is crazy and crowded and there is like car dealserships everywhere.  the bus ride is not bad at all it was actually really fun so whoever said it was bad must easily get car sick haha.  i also pulled a prank on one of the elders like right when we got here so i think i win for being the most innovative.  it wasnt that good though cuz i just hid his bag when he went to the bathroom and he laughed it off but told me he almost freaked out.  it was fun and light hearted.  ps i got here and i already have to play the piano tomorrow morning ugh. hahah i guess it will be fine.  anyways i made it safely and i am super happy! Cant wait to make this real!! my pday will now on be thursdays so that is when i will email you guys!! Have a great week i miss you and love you but i know this is the place for me to be!! love madison...actually

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